Seaside Photography: how to photograph seabirds like a pro

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    How to photograph seabirds in flight

    How to photograph seabirds in flight

    You’ll need a shutter speed of 1/1000 sec or faster, so shoot at maximum aperture and increase the ISO.

    To track the bird in focus, set the continuous focus mode (Servo on Canon) and select the central focusing point.

    Set the motordrive to its maximum frame rate and switch to JPEG format to increase the number of frames possible in a single burst.

    Watch for a bird’s regular flight path and keep your camera trained on this area. As a bird flies into view, follow it in the viewfinder and once it’s big enough to focus on depress the shutter halfway.

    Continue to hold the shutter halfway and keep the focusing point on the bird. Once it’s the right size in the frame, fire off a sequence of shots while tracking its path.

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