Seaside Photography: how to photograph seabirds like a pro

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    How to plan your seabird shoot

    Plan your seabird shoot with our mini guide

    How to plan your seabird shoot: choose the right location

    Location, location, location
    The UK is one of the best locations in the world for seabird colonies. Top spots include Bempton Cliffs, The Farnes, Skomer Island, Bass Rock, Handa Island and Shetland. A visit between May and early August will provide bags of opportunities.

    How to plan your seabird shoot: go prepared

    Go prepared
    Seabird colonies are often remote places so wear warm clothes and take food and drink. Ensure batteries are fully charged, pack two camera bodies if you have them and bring a full kit from your longest telephoto to a wide-angle lens. A flash can also be handy for fill lighting.

    How to plan your seabird shoot: shoot with the light

    Shoot with the light
    Overcast light is great for taking close-up portraits as there is lower contrast and softer shadows. Use bright sunlight for flight shots and wider views of the colony. In very dull weather, shoot more abstract slow shutter speed pans or add some fill-flash to reveal plumage detail.

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