Reportage wedding photography: pro tips for achieving a modern look

Reportage wedding photography: professional tips for achieving a modern look

Shot of the Day

Shot of the Day

Yasmine says
“Brett helped me set up the light and diffuser, which his assistant Paul held up high to my right. Brett explained that setting an exposure of f/22 and 1/160 sec would darken the building, and make the sky dramatic. The light then illuminates the couple, with the diffuser creating subtle catchlights in their eyes. I shot at an angle for a more dynamic composition.”

Brett says
“Yasmine was a great Apprentice, and it really shows in this shot. The bride and groom are well lit, and the composition is excellent, with the top of the building just in shot and the lines in the paving leading the eye to the subjects. The light is perfectly positioned, with the couple looking up towards it, and their happy and relaxed pose really makes the shot work.”

PAGE 1: Meet our professional photographer and apprentice
PAGE 2: Reportage wedding photography tips for during the shoot
PAGE 3: Our professional photographer’s final advice for reportage wedding photography
PAGE 4: Our professional photographer’s recommended gear
PAGE 5: Shot of the Day


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  • gsmudger

    I’m a semi-pro photographer and I find this fashion for crazy angles mystifying. I’ll crank the angle for high-speed, aviation subjects, for example, or to add a little bit of disorientation or menace to an urban scene – it seems logical when it emphasises movement or puts the viewer off-balance. Are we supposed to attribute movement or menace to this lovely couple? Frankly, adding 45 degrees of crank to this otherwise nice shot just seems demented. A lot of the advice in this piece is fab but this obsession with tilt is incomprehensible.