Digital Camera World Forum to close down permanently

Digital Camera World Forum to close permanently

This is just a quick update to let all our readers know know that unfortunately the Digital Camera World forum, which has been closed for maintenance following an attack, will not be coming back.

We apologise for any inconvenience or frustration this may cause.

Following what was a sophisticated attack on the forum we use, we took it offline for maintenance.

During this process we realised that the cost of producing and maintaining a secure forum is more than we can afford, so we took the unfortunate decision to close it down for good.

We have really valued all of the spirited debates and wonderful feedback from readers on our forum over the years, as well as enjoyed looking at the amazing images you shared with us in its galleries.

We hope you stick around, as we have lots of exciting plans in the works, and would love it if you joined us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to continue all your thoughtful discussions on photography!

For readers of the print magazine, we realise we’ve been using the forum as an entry mechanism for competitions and image submissions. We’ve not quite worked out yet how we’ll shift this (probably a Flickr gallery you can all upload to), but will update on this soon.

Thanks again for your patience

  • jmeyer

    Hi Tommy (and everyone else): I really do understand your frustration, and I feel bad for everyone who has developed friendships with other forum users over the years and suddenly this venue no longer exists. It sucks. But however lame you think our excuses are, we – along with a number of other sites published by our company – experienced a sophisticated hack that forced us to close down the forum to protect the website(s) as a whole. The costs of fixing the forum and bringing it live again, and maintaining it on an ongoing basis are just too much for us to justify right now. No doubt you’ve read about redundancies at publishing firms, including our own, and the tough times we’re facing. Hosting, maintaining and fostering a forum do actually require a significant amount of money and time.

    Some people have commented that others run forums without these problems. Yes, true. But if you look at the vast majority of photo websites, they all have a single, overarching purpose to which they dedicate most of their resources. Some are communities – forums and/or image-sharing platforms; some are technique sites; some specialise in equipment reviews; and others post interviews and essays on photography.

    We are a photo technique site; we’re all passionate photographers ourselves and every tutorial and infographic on this site we publish free and in full and in-depth, even providing start images for our photo editing tutorials when we can. The forum was a luxury we hosted for as long as we possibly could – and it would have continued, had it not been hacked. Yes, eventually we would probably have had to shut it down, but we would have been able to give people some advance notice.

    Anyway, the point is the forum was an extra service we provided to be able to foster a venue for people to talk about the techniques in our tutorials, the images they’ve been shooting, etc, and learn from each other as well as us, but circumstances have forced our hand. We do hope that you and everyone else sticks with us, and we really do appreciate all of your support. We know you had a choice in choosing who to learn with, and we feel rather proud you chose us!

    I understand and share your frustration in shutting down the forum, but if you stick with us we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!