Best rolling camera bag for photographers: 6 models tested and rated

Best rolling camera bag for photographers: 6 top models tested and rated

Five things to look for in a rolling camera bag

Final wedding photography tips from our professional photographer: pack a roller bag

You want more than wheels from a roller case. Will it hold all your kit, and will it keep things safe?

01 Divide and conquer
Removable, adjustable dividers enable you to tailor the main compartment to accommodate small and large lenses and other camera accessories. A greater number of dividers is helpful if you have many small items.

02 Extra compartments
Additional internal and external compartments can be good to have. A popular option is a dedicated compartment for holding a laptop or tablet, sometimes with a removable padded sleeve.

03 Rigid walls
The side walls of all but the CoOrdinate Ranger and Lowepro Pro Runner bags are reinforced with rigid inserts. These add strength and make the bag more resistant to crushing.

04 Rain cover
All roller bags tend to be shower-resistant, but some go further with additional rain-proof covers that you can slip over the entire bag. It’s reassuring if you’re going to be out in nasty weather.

05 Big lens capacity
You could squeeze a 600mm f/4 into the Manfrotto Pro VII Roller, Tamrac Big Wheels Speedroller 1x and Think Tank Photo Airport 4-Sight, but little else. The others may be too small for big glass.


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