Panograph photography: how to make on-trend, ‘low-tech’ panoramas

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    How to assemble your panograph

    How to assemble your panograph: step 1

    01 Open all frames
    Start by opening all the images for your panograph in Elements. You can see them here in the Photo Bin (bottom).


    How to assemble your panograph: step 2

    02 Open Photomerge
    Go to Photomerge > Photomerge Panorama – it’s on different menus in different versions of the software.


    How to assemble your panograph: step 3

    03 Photomerge settings
    Click Add Open Files, check Collage, left, and deselect all the boxes under the list of files.


    How to assemble your panograph: step 4

    04 Merge process
    Now wait! Photoshop carries out the merging process quite quickly, but it can take a while in Photoshop Elements.


    How to assemble your panograph: step 5

    05 Tweak your layers
    You end up with a panograph where each frame is on its own layer, so you can adjust or move them individually.

    PAGE 1: What is a panograph?
    PAGE 2: How to shoot your panograph?
    PAGE 3: How to assemble your panograph?


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