Classic Portrait Ideas: how to take pictures of people from all walks of life

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    Ideas for Official Portraits

    Ideas for Official Portraits

    Lots of people despise staged portraits, but done properly they can be both elegant and very human. This is where you see the difference between the professional and the amateur.

    A good professional will produce a real contact between the portrait’s subject and the photograph’s viewer. It’s all down to technique, of course, attention to detail and patience.

    We deal with lighting techniques and backgrounds elsewhere, but attention to detail is just as important.

    Move the furniture in the background, if you have to, draw the curtains, adjust the angle of the door, lift the dog hair off the arm of the chair… Obsessive? Not at all.

    People will spend much longer looking at your photos than you spent setting them up, so do try to notice every tiny detail. Above all, take lots of pictures with lots of variations.

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    PAGE 3: Lighting ideas for portraits of men
    PAGE 4: Classic Portrait Ideas for Older Subjects
    PAGE 5: Classic Portrait Ideas for Couples
    PAGE 6: Ideas for Official Portraits


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