Classic Portrait Ideas: how to take pictures of people from all walks of life

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    Lighting ideas for portraits of men

    Lighting ideas for portraits of men

    You can use the same lighting for male portraits as you would for female subjects, but many men will prefer much harsher and more dramatic lighting.

    If you get the chance, take a look at some of the pictures of Karsh, particularly those of Winston Churchill and George Bernard Shaw.

    True, this kind of approach works much better in black-and-white, but the principle still holds – men aren’t so concerned about complexions and wrinkles, but they do want to look vigorous,  rugged and characterful.

    You can achieve this using stronger, more directional lighting. You might also want to introduce a couple of props, like an item of special interest to do with a hobby.

    With female portraits it’s likely you’ll be concentrating on beauty, whereas with male portraits it’s character.

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