Lytro Camera: first pictures + UK price, release date confirmed

Lytro Camera: first pictures + UK price, release date confirmed

How to use a Lytro Camera

Lytro Camera: first pictures + UK price, release date confirmed

We got to spend some time using a light field camera at the Lytro camera UK launch event. In terms of shooting with a Lytro camera, one almost has to un-learn the methods you’ve spent years fine-tuning on your DSLR.

The best pictures are those scenes that offer a sense of depth – i.e. something in the foreground and something in the background. Once you’ve found them there are really two methods with which to compose.

For small subjects, get up close to the object – about a Lytro camera length away – zoom all the way out and frame your picture. For larger subjects, like people on the street, get about 7 feet away and zoom all the way in.

Swipe your finger left to right across a textured strip across the top of the Lytro camera to zoom in and out, and the shutter button is a round indentation in the grip just behind this.

How to use a Lytro camera

Press the bottom of the Lytro camera touchscreen to view the menu and choose between Everyday or Creative mode, and manual controls like shutter speed, ISO, exposure lock and ND filter.

The Lytro camera’s ISO range extends from 80 to 3200. It’s minimum shutter speed is 1/250sec and max shutter speed is 8secs.

Once your image is composed, press the spot on the touchscreen you would like to be your focal point. This sets the “range of refocus”, within which you’ll be able to change the focal point after the picture is taken.

To view your work, swipe left to right across the Lytro camera’s touchscreen to enter playback mode. Here you can star your best pictures and zoom into them to check their focus.

How to use a Lytro camera

It’s worth noting that no editing can be done to images post-capture; however, this is something that Lytro representatives said is on their “roadmap” for the camera.

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