11 ways to build confidence as a photographer


7. Set yourself a goal

If you really want to improve your photography and build your confidence, take the time to consider what your weaknesses are and then set yourself a challenge that has the goal of overcoming your weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

11 ways to build confidence as a photographer

8. Learn from professionals

Professional photographers weren’t always working pros and have all had to build their confidence and their ability to get to where they are now.

Fortunately many of them are more than willing to share their learning experiences via blogs and interviews. Their advice can be reassuring as well as extremely helpful.

We’ve put together a list of sixteen of the most influential photography blogs that are really useful for finding this kind of advice.

11 ways to build confidence as a photographer

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9. Exhibit your work

There’s nothing quite like seeing your own work hanging on the walls of a public space and it can go a long way to helping you feel good about the pictures you’re taking.

The public space needn’t be a large scale exhibition; it can be a local cafe, restaurant or art space.

You’ll probably find that many of your local eateries will be open to having new artwork hanging on their walls, so it’s more than worth dropping in with a business card or sending them an email.

10. Try a 360 or 52 week project

360 photography projects and 52 week projects have become very popular photo projects for budding photographers.

It involves taking either a photo a day for a year, or once a week for a year and can be extremely beneficial in help you to learn quickly and develop your confidence, not to mention build up an extensive photography portfolio very quickly.

11. Join the photography community

One of the best ways to gain confidence as a photographer is to speak to your peers; you’ll probably find they’ve had similar experiences and problems to you.

As well as learning from their experiences, you can share your knowledge and advice with them – you might find that you know more about photography than you thought!


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