City Photography: tips for taking pictures of buildings with maximum impact

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    In our latest Professional Photographer to the Rescue post, our pro shares some of his best city photography tips to help our apprentice take more visually appealing pictures of buildings and cityscapes.

    City Photography: tips for taking pictures of buildings with maximum impact

    Meet our professional photographer

    Oxford-based Paul Freeman specialises in architecture and interiors. His skills are in high demand with top firms such as Ford and Barclaycard.

    Meet our apprentice

    Howard Waddicor hails from Sheffield and likes shooting buildings, so we paired him up with Paul for a day out at the modern architecture-rich Salford Quays in Manchester.

    Technique assessment

    After just 30 minutes of photographing the spectacular Imperial War Museum North, Howard was ready for Paul’s verdict on his approach. Paul’s assessment was simple: if Howard wanted the best quality shots he’d need to start using the best settings his camera could offer…

    City photography tips: switch to raw format

    Switch to RAW
    “Howard’s decision to shoot with the best JPEG quality setting uses all his camera’s pixels, but he’d do better to switch to raw format. This would give him more scope to fix problems with burnt-out skies when he gets home.”


    City photography tips: use a low ISO

    Use a low ISO
    “ISO400 might sound like a good all-round setting. But in strong sunlight, and with a tripod in tow, Howard will get crisper, cleaner shots by selecting ISO100 instead.”

    PAGE 1: Meet our professional photographer and apprentice
    PAGE 2: City photography tips for during the shoot
    PAGE 3: Final tips on how to take compelling pictures of buildings
    PAGE 4: Our professional photographer’s recommended gear
    PAGE 5: Shot of the Day


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