Close-up portrait photography: how to shoot unusual portraits in stunning detail

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    Close-up portrait photography: using props

    Close-up portrait photography: using props

    Shooting indirectly with shadows is an interesting and unusual way to use bodies and faces. Shadows work well because they show but don’t tell.

    The viewer has to do some work to make sense of the photo, because shadows are ambiguous.

    Creatively, this is a good thing – viewers are forced to add details for themselves and make up a story about what they’re seeing.

    From a viewer’s point of view, this can create a more interesting experience than a photo that spells everything out for them.

    Using black-and-white instead of colour can emphasise this even further. It’s traditional to sharpen black-and-white to enhance textures and make up for the lost colour.

    This makes the result even less natural. Taken together, these features create an unusual but interesting photo experience.

    PAGE 1 – Close-up portrait photography: capturing colour and detail
    PAGE 2 – Close-up portrait photography: Getting accurate flesh tones
    PAGE 3 – Close-up portrait photography: capturing textures
    PAGE 4 – Close-up portrait photography: how to compose faces
    PAGE 5 – Close-up portrait photography: using light and shadow
    PAGE 6 – Close-up portrait photography: using props


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