Close-up portrait photography: how to shoot unusual portraits in stunning detail

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    Close-up portrait photography: how to compose faces

    Close-up portrait photography: how to compose faces

    An unusual angle and harsh lighting to bring out the textures make this a successful shot

    Faces can be difficult to shoot well, because you need to control everything in the shot, including the lighting and background, to create a successful result.

    The traditional face-on portrait shot is the least likely to work. If you have to use it, make the model do something interesting with their hands and include them in the frame.

    Alternatively, experiment with unusual camera angles. If shooting face-on, try including only half the face or tilt the camera diagonally, shooting from slightly below the face and up to create a tilted look. You can also try shooting from the sides.

    The background needs to be uncluttered – something with no obvious textures or shapes is ideal.

    And when choosing the lighting, pick angles that highlight textures – even wrinkles can look good in the right context.

    PAGE 1 – Close-up portrait photography: capturing colour and detail
    PAGE 2 – Close-up portrait photography: Getting accurate flesh tones
    PAGE 3 – Close-up portrait photography: capturing textures
    PAGE 4 – Close-up portrait photography: how to compose faces
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