Close-up portrait photography: how to shoot unusual portraits in stunning detail

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    Close-up portrait photography: getting accurate flesh tones

    Close-up portrait photography: getting accurate flesh tones

    Accurate flesh tones can be a huge problem when photographing skin, because white balance tends to fail badly in certain kinds of light.

    The left half of the example image shows default Tungsten white balance for a close-up of the inside of a hand. No healthy person is this shade of yellow.

    The right-hand side shows colour fine-tuned close to reality. To achieve the correct shade, saturation had to be turned down to –40 in the Raw Converter and some extra red had to be added with the Tint setting.

    It’s accurate, but slightly cold. In photography, it’s traditional to warm skin tones slightly. This isn’t very realistic, but it’s subtly flattering. In general, flesh tones are open to artistic interpretation.

    White balance by hand for colours that look natural and believable, but don’t aim for literal accuracy.

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