10 landscape photography mistakes every photographer makes (and how to fix them)

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    Landscape Photography Mistake No. 9: Poor composition

    Landscape Photography Tips: perfect your composition

    When faced with a stunning vista it’s easy to get carried away and start firing off shots, but landscape images require careful consideration.

    It’s important to look around the scene and find the ideal shooting angle that makes the best of the subjects available and include some foreground interest.

    Although there are times when a centralised subject and symmetry win the day, many landscape images benefit from a composition that observes the rule of thirds.

    This simple rule splits the scene into three equally sized columns and three equally sized rows, creating a grid of nine rectangles.

    Locating key elements within the scene along these lines, or at their intersections can really improve composition.

    Many cameras have a rule of thirds grid view option available on the LCD screen, and in some cases in the viewfinder, which can be a useful guide to composition.

    It’s particularly important to decide where to position the horizon within the scene.

    Locating it along the upper horizontal line of the rule of thirds grid instantly gives the land greater emphasis because it occupies two thirds of the image.

    Alternatively, positioning it along the bottom line in the grid gives the sky greater emphasis, which may work well when photographing a sunset with a silhouetted foreground, for example.

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