Portrait Composition: how to compose a portrait that is classic and timeless

Portrait Composition: how to compose a portrait that is classic and timeless

Portrait Composition Tips: how to compose people with objects

Portrait composition tips: what should your subject look at?

This simple-looking shot provided us with a compositional dilemma. Should we have our amateur cook looking at the oven-fresh home-made biscuits, or at the camera?

The obvious answer would have been to get her to look at the biscuits to reinforce them as the image’s main focal point.

But actually, they’re not. What we’re really photographing here is the girl’s pride in her results.

We therefore need the biscuits and her face to be joint focal points.

The biscuits gain prominence by their size and position in the foreground, but our subject’s face catches our eye because of the direct eye contact.

That was a bit too tricky to work out at the time, but it became obvious when studying the results.

You should pick up compositional secrets like this and be able to use them instinctively.

PAGE 1: Portrait Composition Tips – where should your subject look?
PAGE 2: Portrait Composition Tips – using virtual lines and framing for eye contact
PAGE 3: Portrait Composition Tips – how to compose people and objects
PAGE 4: Portrait Composition Tips – how to avoid background clutter
PAGE 5: Portrait Composition Tips: using the sky as a background
PAGE 6: Portrait Composition Tips – how and when to use contrast in your people photography


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