15 non-photography gadgets every photographer needs

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11. Head torch

15 non-photography gadgets every photographer needs: 11. Head torch

A torch is an especially useful tool for the camera bag of night or landscape photographers, but a head torch is particularly handy. Wearing a head torch will free up your hands and your attention for setting up your camera, making fiddly tasks such as setting up your tripod a lot easier.

12. Camouflage
Camouflage is an absolute must for any self-respecting wildlife photographer and can come in the form of netting for a hide, or something as simple as wearing the right colour clothes that enable to you blend in with your surroundings.

13. Thermos
A thermos is so often overlooked as a gadget for photographers, but this list wouldn’t be complete without it. From landscape photographers to wildlife photographers, time-lapse photographers and even fashion photographers shooting out in the field, all would appreciate a warm drink after they have been working outdoors for hours in the cold.

14. Insect repellent
Ask any wildlife photographer and they will tell you that they never leave for a shoot without packing a good supply of insect repellent. There’s nothing more distracting that having to swat away swarms of flies while trying to photograph a bird or animal in the distance.

15. Watch
Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the simplest of gadgets because we use them every day, a number of times a day – forget apps, GPS and iPads, your watch tells you perhaps the most valuable thing of all: the time. And you only need to glance at your wrist to know it.


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