15 non-photography gadgets every photographer needs

Best cheap photo accessories: spirit level

6. iPad

15 non-photography gadgets every photographer needs: 06. iPadMany photographers are now using iPads as part of their everyday workflow, especially if they spent much of their time traveling in their work. iPads — or whatever tablet you use — offer a convenient alternative to lugging around a laptop between shoots and are more resilient in harsher environments. With access to the internet, files can easily be uploaded from the camera to your choice of cloud storage service, ensuring your images are always safe even while you’re on the go.

7. Cloud storage

5 non-photography gadgets every photographer needs: 07. Cloud storage
Cloud computing is part of the every day workflow of many photographers. Cloud services such as Canon’s Project1709 can be used to upload, share, back-up and store image files, freeing up valuable space on computers and hard drives. And most importantly for the photographer on the go — no heavy hard drives to carry!

8. External batteries
If you’re outdoors at a shoot for hours — or even days — on end with no access to a power supply to recharge your batteries, an external battery pack can be the gadget you’re the most grateful for, giving you that extra power when you need it the most.

9. Mobile phone

15 non-photography gadgets every photographer needs: 09. Mobile phone
Mobile phones are a gadget that most of us feel completely lost without, and they’re a useful tool for photographers for a number of reasons. Apart from keeping in touch with clients, models, assistants and anyone else who might be involved with a shoot, there are also a number of really useful apps for photographers that can be downloaded to your smartphone. They can range from apps that are helpful for admin and scheduling, to more technical apps that calculate depth of field and help you find the perfect light conditions.

10. Spirit level

15 non-photography gadgets every photographer needs: 10. Spirit level
As cheap and convenient as spirit levels for cameras are, there’s no reason for you to be without one. These inexpensive gadgets fit easily in your pocket, and are used to ensure that your shots are perfectly level. You’ll never have to waste valuable time levelling your horizons in Photoshop again.


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