10 common wildlife photography mistakes we’re all guilty of (and how to fix them)

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    Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 08 Birds underexposed

    How to photograph birds in flight: step 3

    It can be particularly tricky to expose birds in flight correctly because the bright sky can fool your camera’s exposure system into under exposing the image.

    Rather than using your camera’s multi-zone, evaluative or matrix metering system switch to using centreweighted or even spot metering.

    Provided that the metering point is linked to the AF point and that you keep the active AF point over the subject, these modes should ensure that the subject is correctly exposed, although the brightness or darkness of the image of the subject will play a part.

    Keep an eye on the histogram in your camera’s LCD screen and try to avoid having a large peak at one end or the other indicating that there are lots of very dark pixels or lots of very bright pixels.

    If necessary use the exposure compensation facility to get the subject looking right.

    PAGE 1 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 01 Subject too small in the frame
    PAGE 2 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 02 Subject not in focus
    PAGE 3 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 03 Subject blurred
    PAGE 4 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 04 Poor composition
    PAGE 5 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 05 Subject looking the wrong way
    PAGE 6 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 06 Feeder in view
    PAGE 7 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 07 Depth of field too shallow
    PAGE 8 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 08 Birds underexposed
    PAGE 9 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 09 Poor lighting
    PAGE 10 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 10 Subject disturbed


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