10 common wildlife photography mistakes we’re all guilty of (and how to fix them)

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    Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 06 Feeder in view

    How to set up a feeding station

    Although it’s perfectly acceptable to use food or nest boxes to attract animals into an area where they can be photographed, you don’t usually want the signs of human activity or intervention to be visible.

    A few shots of the bird on a feeder may be nice, but as you get more adept at wildlife photography look for ways to conceal the fact that you’re feeding them.

    You may be able to hide the food in the cracks of the rough bark of a log, for example, or you could push peanuts into the ground so they are not visible from your shooting position, but the squirrels and birds can still get at them.

    Similarly, if you are shooting in a zoo you may want to avoid signs that the animal is in captivity.

    This can be tricky, but if you shoot with a long lens and wide aperture you can blur the background, concealing the fact that it’s man-made.

    In some cases it’s even possible to blur out the cage in the foreground.

    PAGE 1 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 01 Subject too small in the frame
    PAGE 2 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 02 Subject not in focus
    PAGE 3 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 03 Subject blurred
    PAGE 4 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 04 Poor composition
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    PAGE 6 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 06 Feeder in view
    PAGE 7 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 07 Depth of field too shallow
    PAGE 8 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 08 Birds underexposed
    PAGE 9 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 09 Poor lighting
    PAGE 10 – Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 10 Subject disturbed


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