10 common wildlife photography mistakes we’re all guilty of (and how to fix them)

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    Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 02 Subject not in focus

    Wildlife Photography Mistakes: 02 Subject not in focus

    Automatic AF point selection systems often look for the nearest object towards the centre of the frame, so if you let your camera choose the AF point itself your subject may not be in focus.

    This is especially true if your intended target is surrounded by vegetation, it’s easy for your camera to lock onto the wrong part of the scene.

    Consequently, it’s essential that you select the AF point yourself.

    Your camera’s manual will explain exactly what to do, but the option you’re looking for is usually called something like Single-point AF or Flexible-spot AF.

    Then select the AF point that overlies the subject’s head and half-press the shutter release to focus the lens.

    If the subject is moving (they usually are), select Continuous AF mode so that the lens is refocused between shots.

    Some autofocus tracking systems do a good job of selecting alternative AF points as the subject moves around the frame, so it’s worth spending sometime reading your camera’s manual to discover the various options and how to select them.

    As a general rule, however, try to keep the active AF point over the subject as it moves.

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