Garden photography tips: how to take professional pictures of plants

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    Our professional photographer’s recommended gear

    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: macro zoom

    Macro zoom
    Clive carries several lenses, but his favourite is an EF 180mm f/3.5 L Macro USM zoom. It’s a robust lens that delivers spectacular results for his style of work.

    He manually focuses and sets his Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II to Aperture Priority (Av) mode so he can have full control of the depth of field. When shooting with the aperture wide open at f/3.5, the background is blurred, making the flowers pop out.


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: mini tripod

    Mini compact tripod
    Clive’s Manfrotto 058B collapsible tripod is sturdy and versatile. All three legs slide up and down simultaneously when you press just two quick-release levers, so Clive can reposition his tripod quickly in response to changing weather conditions.

    While this tripod will collapse to near ground level, Clive also carries a Bogen Manfrotto 709B Digi – a mini compact tripod that’s handy for getting really low.


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: remote shutter release

    Remote shutter release
    Clive often shoots at slow shutter speeds, sometimes as slow as half a second. Naturally, he uses a sturdy tripod to minimise shake, but he also uses a Canon RS-80N3 remote switch. This enables him to take a photo without touching the camera body.

    Using the remote switch in conjunction with his camera’s Mirror Lock-up function, he can shoot without any camera vibration ruining his shots.

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