Exposure Compensation: finally a jargon free method for getting perfect exposure

Exposure Compensation: finally a jargon-free method for getting perfect exposure

What is highlight alert?

What is highlight alert?

Enabling this feature shows when part of your image is blown out

Image flashbacks
Unlike with underexposure, it’s impossible to recapture detail lost to overexposure. Switching on your camera’s Highlight Alert feature (you’ll find this in the playback menu) can help avoid this however.

Areas that are at risk of lacking detail will flash black when you review an image.

Then you can dial in a little negative exposure compensation before you take another shot.

PAGE 1: Common questions about using exposure compensation
PAGE 2: How much exposure compensation should I use?
PAGE 3: How to control your camera’s exposure compensation
PAGE 4: What is highlight alert?
PAGE 5: 3 ways your camera’s auto exposure can get it wrong


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