Best tripod under £150: 6 top models tested and rated

Best tripod under £150: 02 Giottos MTL9361B + MH5001

Five things to look for in a tripod under £150

9 secrets to using a tripod like a pro: use a remote shutter release

Stability is your number one priority in a budget tripod, but also look for something that’s quick to set up and easy to use

01 Having a ball?
Three-way heads enable independent adjustments to pan, tilt and swivel. Ball heads are quicker to set up, as they have only a single locking clamp. Sometimes they’ll feature a pan-only lock.

02 Cover the angles
Most modern tripods offer between two and four lockable leg angles. Splaying the legs adds stability in low-level shooting.

03 Clip or twist?
Clip locks for each leg section are favoured nowadays as they’re easier to use than twist locks. Each lock should clamp the section firmly, yet offer smooth extension when released.

04 Split and invert
For ultra-low-level shooting, you can invert the centre column in any of the tripods on test. You can also split the centre column in the Slik tripod, avoiding shooting with the camera upside down.

05 Boom!
The Giottos tripod features a pivoting centre column. It’s handy for using the column as a horizontal boom.

PAGE 1 – Best tripod under £150: 01 Benro A500F-N1
PAGE 2 – Best tripod under £150: 02 Giottos MTL9361B + MH5001
PAGE 3 – Best tripod under £150: 03 Manfrotto 294A3 + D3RC2
PAGE 4 – Best tripod under £150: 04 Slik Pro 500DX
PAGE 5 – Best tripod under £150: 05 Vanguard Espod Plus 234AP
PAGE 6 – Best tripod under £150: 06 Velbon Sherpa 200R
PAGE 7 – Five things to look for in a tripod under £150


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