Best tripod under £150: 6 top models tested and rated

Best tripod under £150: 02 Giottos MTL9361B + MH5001

Best tripod under £150: 06 Velbon Sherpa 200R

Best tripod under £150: 06 Velbon Sherpa 200R

Price:  £60, $130
Buy it:
The Velbon keeps everything as simple as possible, and is the only tripod in the group not to feature multi-angle legs.

Even so, the build quality is very good, with smooth-action leg extension, firmly locking clips and sound overall rigidity.

The maximum load ratings are only 3.5kg for the legs and 4kg for the head, but then again the complete kit weighs in at just 1.9kg. The maximum height is respectable, at 168cm.

The head has a single clamp for both pan and tilt adjustments, allowing you to make quick positional adjustments. A separate thumbscrew is on hand for swivel adjustments.

If you want simple stability without any fancy frills, the Velbon Sherpa 200R is excellent value for money.

Pros… Solid build quality. Head adjustments are quick and easy
Cons… Lacks multi-angle legs, bubble levels or other extras
WE say… As a no-frills tripod, the Velbon is great value (in the UK)

Score: 4/5

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