Best tripod under £150: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Best tripod under £150: 05 Vanguard Espod Plus 234AP

    Best tripod under £150: 05 Vanguard Espod Plus 234AP

    Price:  £120, $120
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    The Vanguard is the only tripod on test to have four-section legs, which enable it to shrink down to just 52cm in length for easy stowage in its supplied lightweight bag.

    It’s also the lightest tripod in the group at just 1.4kg. Despite its extra leg sections, the maximum operating height is a relatively lowly 147cm, and the maximum load rating is just 3kg.

    The centre column can be replaced with a small mounting tube for low-level shooting without inverting the camera.

    The three-way head is well made but overall rigidity is hampered by the thinness of the lower leg sections, the narrowest of which are a mere 14mm in diameter.

    Pros… Quality construction; four-section legs reduce size
    Cons… Bottom leg sections are quite spindly and lack rigidity
    WE say… Consider it if you want something that’s easy to carry

    Score: 3/5

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