Best tripod under £150: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Best tripod under £150: 02 Giottos MTL9361B + MH5001

    Best tripod under £150: 02 Giottos MTL9361B + MH5001

    Price:  £145, $200
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    The Giottos kit weighs in at 3.1kg, practically double the weight of the Benro, but the legs have a greater load rating – 8kg compared with 5kg.

    Build quality is excellent, with a pro-level feel of ruggedness that’s generally lacking in other tripods in the group. Three lockable leg angles are available and all adjustments are quick and easy to apply.

    The maximum height is a towering 190cm and the Giottos is the only tripod in the group to feature a pivoting centre column, which can swing through an arc of 180 degrees.

    The supplied MH5001 three-way head is similarly solid and well engineered, with a 6kg maximum load rating.

    Pros… Superb quality, generous height, pivoting centre column
    Cons… It’s the heaviest in the group at 3kg, but very sturdy
    WE say… Versatile and well engineered, it’s great value

    Score: 5/5

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