How to photograph anything: best camera settings for wildlife photography

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    Best camera settings to photograph wild animals

    How to use manual focus: wildlife photography

    For shooting animals in the wild, use a shutter speed of at least 1/500 sec to avoid blur – although you’ll need to use at least 1/1000 sec or faster to freeze most movement.

    Set your camera to Servo or Continuous autofocus mode, and keep the active focus point positioned over the animal.

    You should also set the drive mode to Continuous Shooting, and then shoot in short bursts. Shooting in this way will enable you to capture the very best expressions and movements of the animals.

    How to set up your camera to photograph wild animals

    ISO   400 or higher
    The limited maximum apertures available on most long telephoto lenses mean that you should set the ISO to a minimum of 400, or higher if you are shooting in dull conditions.

    Shutter speed   1/500sec or faster
    To avoid blur due to camera shake from using long focal length lenses or subject movement, make sure that the shutter speed is at least 1/500sec.

    Exposure mode   Aperture priority (A or Av)

    Shutter speed   Maximum available

    Lens   300mm or longer

    Focus mode   Servo or Continuous

    Drive mode   Continuous

    White balance   Auto

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