Guest Post: 11 Magnum photographers who changed the world

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    11 Magnum photographers who changed the world: Dennis Stock

    7. Dennis Stock
    Nationality: American
    Quote: “Art is a well-articulated manifestation of an aspect of life. I have been priviledge to view much of life through my camera, making the journey an enlightened experience.”

    Stock brought to the world some of the most famous portraits of Hollywood’s stars, including James Dean and Audrey Hepburn. He took one of the most iconic photographs ever taken of James Dean, which came to be one of the most reproduced pictures of the post-war era.


    11 Magnum photographers who changed the world: Martin Parr

    8. Martin Parr
    Nationality: British
    Quote: “With photography, I like to create fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society’s natural prejudice and giving this a twist.”

    Parr puts a unique twist on documentary photography, showing society and modern life in gritty realism with an often humorous take. He is described as a chronicler of our age, photographing scenes that show current trends and characteristics we can all relate to. These images will undoubtedly grow in importance as time passes.

    Parr’s photography is starkly different to that of other Magnum members, and highlights Magnum’s appreciation for many different photographic styles and willingness to show all points of view.

    PAGE 1: Magnum photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson & Robert Capa
    PAGE 2: Magnum photographers Steve McCurry & Stuart Franklin
    PAGE 3: Magnum photographers George Rodger & W. Eugene Smith
    PAGE 4: Magnum photographers Dennis Stock & Martin Parr
    PAGE 5: Magnum photographers Philip Jones Griffiths & Philippe Halsman
    PAGE 6: Magnum photographer Josef Koudelka


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