How to take pictures at night: pro tips for spotting creative scenes after dark

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    Shot of the Day

    Shot of the Day

    Caroline says
    “This is my favourite shot of the night. We set up the tripod very low down near the kerb and waited for the traffic lights to change to green. Using the Manual mode, Simon suggested trying a few different exposures at f/16 and we soon found that 10 seconds worked best.

    “This shot included cars and a double-decker bus with lots of coloured light trails in front of St Paul’s. Simon explained that different types of lights – such as tungsten and halogen – have different colour temperatures, which is why you get different colours. I’ll definitely be photographing more of London and different light trails in the future.”

    Simon says
    “This was Caroline’s last shot of the night and also her best. By now she’d learned to deal with the technical challenges of night photography. The result is this striking image of light trails from late-night London traffic.

    “I really like the way the lights lead you to the ‘vanishing point’ in the bottom left-hand corner. By getting down low, Caroline was able to use the iconic dome of St Paul’s Cathedral as a backdrop. She timed her ten-second exposure to perfection to capture a double-decker bus as it went past.”

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