How to take pictures at night: pro tips for spotting creative scenes after dark

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    Tips on how to take pictures at night

    Tips on how to take pictures at night: don't be self-conscious

    Don’t be self-conscious
    “This was my first shot of the City at  night and I was feeling self-conscious with all the London commuters still milling around,” says Caroline. “You soon get used to it, though, and Simon was great. I like the contrast between new and old in this shot.”


    Tips on how to take pictures at night: plan compositions

    Plan your compositions
    Caroline was keen to crack on, but Simon said it would be better to walk around first. “Get an idea of which angles and vantage points will be good to shoot from,” he says. “Try compositions with your camera in hand to see if a shot will work and take a few rough shots before setting up your tripod.”


    Tips on how to take pictures at night: find a new perspective

    New perspective
    “Simon suggested getting right under the Lloyds building with the tripod for this shot,” says Caroline. “The converging vertical lines were used to add to the dramatic effect.”


    Tips on how to take pictures at night: keep your lens cap safe

    Keep your lens cap safe
    “I was forever losing my lens caps,”  says Caroline. “But I was out with my camera one day and didn’t have anywhere to put my soft sunglasses  case so I tied it to my camera strap. I then discovered the perfect place to store my lens cap when taking pics!”

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