Family Portraits at Home: tips for taking contemporary family photos on a budget

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    Best camera settings for shooting family portraits at home

    Best camera settings for shooting family portraits at home

    To concentrate on composition and getting the best possible results, try keeping the ISO rating, shutter speed and aperture settings consistent.

    Lens choice
    By using a lens with a great focal length like the 18-105mm, we were able to get a wacky portrait at the widest setting but also a more flattering shot nearer the end of the zoom.

    ISO sensitivity
    We set the ISO to 200 and used the camera on Manual mode, enabling us to set both the aperture and shutter speed to what we needed during the whole shoot.

    We set the aperture at f/5.6 – we didn’t need a great depth of field, as the subjects were so close to each other, and to our photographer.

    Shutter speed
    Setting the shutter speed to 1/125 enabled our photographer to hand-hold the camera and move around my subjects with ease.

    White balance
    As we were shooting raw format images, we kept the white balance on Auto.

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