How to photograph anything: best camera settings for macro photography

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    Best camera settings for shooting macro photography handheld

    Best camera settings for shooting macro photography handheld

    Shooting close-ups of subjects such as insects or other tiny creatures in the field, aperture priority mode will give you control over the depth of field in your shots and select the focus point that will allow you to focus on the main focal point of your subject – such as the head of an insect. You should also use a shutter speed of 1/250sec or faster.

    How to set up your camera to shoot handheld close-ups

    Shutter speed   1/250sec or faster
    The aperture is crucial for controlling the depth of field, but you also need to keep the shutter speed fast enough to avoid camera shake. Keep this above 1/250sec for most normal macro lenses, or 1/500sec when using 180mm lenses or above.

    Focus mode   Servo or Continuous
    It can be difficult to focus without a tripod, so set Servo or Continuous autofocus mode. Then position the active autofocus point 
over the subject and the camera will focus all of the time you half-press the shutter.

    Exposure mode   Aperture Priority (Av or A)

    Aperture   f/4

    ISO   200

    Lens   50mm to 100mm macro

    Drive mode   Continuous

    White balance   The preset to suit the light source

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