Forest Photography: tips for capturing the essence of your local woodland

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    Creative forest photography – create a blurred image

    Creative forest photography - create a blurred image

    Set the camera up as normal on a tripod and frame up a section of trees with straight trunks and some foliage colour. A short-telephoto zoom lens such as a 70-200mm works well for this.

    A shutter speed of around 1 second will give a good effect so set a low ISO and a small aperture of f/16 or f/22.

    You may also need to fit a polariser or neutral density filter to arrive at the desired shutter speed.

    Frame the shot at the top of the pan, excluding any sky as this will be recorded as distracting bright streaks.

    For a smooth result use the 2 second timer and begin to pan just before the shutter opens, moving the camera vertically downwards at a steady rate aiming to finish just below the base of the trunks.

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