6 photographers who should really be more famous

6 photographers who should really be more famous

We’re all familiar with the Adams’ and Leibovitzs of the world. But there are a number of great photographers producing stunning work quietly under the radar of the photographic literati.

In their latest guest blog, our friends at Photoventure have rounded up 6 of the best photographers working today who really should be more famous than they are. Do you agree?

Andy Kennelly

Andy Kennelly offers a varied portfolio of landscapes, street photography, portraits and urban scenes, and it’s all pretty spectacular. One gets the sense from his perfect compositions that he’s quite a patient photographer, never pressing the shutter button unless he’s absolutely certain everything is right.

He also writes a thoughtful blog on the image-making process that’s quite a good read for anyone interested in how professional photographers see and think about pictures.


Kazuma Obara

Kazuma Obara was at his desk in Kyoto refreshing Yahoo over and over again after the massive earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan in March 2011. A few days later he quit his job, picked up his DSLR – which until this point had just been a hobby – and drove to Fukushima prefect to document the personal stories he felt were missing from what the news was reporting.

Some time later, using a contact he won’t divulge, he managed to pose as a worker at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and enter to document the struggles of the workers trying to keep disaster at bay. While he hasn’t been a full-time photojournalist for long, and his work is largely dominated by the the disaster in Japan, Obara’s ambition, dedication and sensitivity as a photographer suggest he will do many more great projects in the coming years.


Ben Canales

An accomplished night photographer and time-lapse enthusiast, Ben’s creative efforts in the dark of night have also made him one of the more commercially successful photographers on 500px. Ben often incorporates an element of man’s presence into his big, wide shots of the night sky, using car headlight, head torches or glowing tents to help paint his foregrounds with light. Truly magical stuff.


Anton Jankovoy

A prolific travel photographer, Anton’s diverse portfolio has been published in just about every major publishing house you can think of, and he works with all the top agencies. Yet his name isn’t as familiar as it perhaps should be. It’s a mystery to us, but thankfully we can help change that by sharing his wonderful images.

Goa Sunset

Rarindra Prakarsa

He says he’s just an ordinary man from Jakarta who likes taking pictures, but one glance at Rarindra’s portfolio and it’s clear that he’s not just an ordinary man. He’s perhaps the most underrated street photographer since Vivian Maier. Breathtaking natural light and candid expressions are the hallmarks of his outdoor portraits.

Rarindra Prakarsa Photography

Clark Little

Clark Little had a brief brush with fame several summers ago when some of his dramatic pictures of breaking waves went viral on the internet. What sets Clark apart from every other aquatic photographer is his incredible vantage point from inside the waves. A former professional surfer, Clark knows the terrain and what it’s capable of, and he seems to have an incredible instinct for pressing the shutter at just the right moment.


If there’s a photographer who you feel should be more famous than they are, add them in the comments below. Don’t add yourself though…


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