Sunrise photography tips: DSLR shortcuts that are guaranteed to brighten your day

Sunrise photography tips to brighten your day

Shot of the Day

Shot of the Day

Dave says
“The light was fading when we got to Pulpit Rock, so Guy suggested we painted it with light. This involved us illuminating the rock 
with a big powerful torch, while I shot it at slow shutter speeds using a tripod.

“The technique was quite tricky to get right, but I’m really pleased with the ‘milky’ sea and the beautiful rock illumination. The composition’s pretty good, too, and the exposure is fine. I shot using a 152 second exposure with an f/8 aperture.”

Guy says
“This shot is a great result for Dave’s first seascape painted with light. Dave’s exposure is spot-on and has good detail in both highlight and shadow areas.  The contrast between the ambient light and the golden light from the tungsten torch works really well and emphasises Pulpit Rock, which is the focal point.

“Dave’s composition really works. The curve of the cliff leads the viewer’s eye straight towards Pulpit Rock, which is nicely placed away from the centre of the image. Dave’s choice of horizontal format has worked well, too.

“The long exposure time has effectively smoothed out the surface of the sea. By applying the torch light away from the camera, Dave reveals the texture of the rock nicely. All in all, this is a very decent effort.”

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