14 photo editing tips and tricks every landscape photographer must know

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    Essential photo editing tricks for landscapes: 03 Combine several photos into panoramas

    Essential photo editing tricks for landscapes: 03 Combine several photos into panoramas

    Shooting a panorama is a great way to capture a majestic scene, especially if your lens isn’t wide enough to fit the entire scene into a single frame.

    By shooting several overlapping frames, then stitching them together, not only will you expand the field of view, but you’ll also multiply the resolution by five, six times or more, resulting in an incredible amount of detail.

    To shoot for a panorama, set your camera on a tripod then fire several frames in vertical format, rotating the camera after each until the entire area has been captured.

    Include a decent amount (about a third) of overlap between each segment.

    If you don’t have a tripod to hand, you can get away with hand-holding the camera as long as you keep it as level as possible, and swivel your whole body.

    To stitch the images together, navigate to them in Adobe Bridge. Highlight the first, then hold down Shift and click the last to select them all. Go to Tools>Photoshop>Photomerge then hit OK.

    If the results aren’t perfect, try experimenting with the different layout options in the Photomerge box. Once stitched together, crop any messy edges to produce a detailed panorama.

    PAGE 01 Master HDR
    PAGE 02 Blend raw exposures
    PAGE 03 Combine several photos into panoramas
    PAGE 04 Reveal more detail with Layer Masks
    PAGE 05 Control the tonal range
    PAGE 06 How to make light rays
    PAGE 07 Use Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush
    PAGE 08 Use Selective Adjustments
    PAGE 09 How to use focus stacking
    PAGE 10 Make a ‘Dotscape’
    PAGE 11 Make a surreal scene
    PAGE 12 Light painting
    PAGE 13 The key to editing in black and white
    PAGE 14 Raw tonal control


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