Digiscoping: how to use a spotting scope with your camera for ultra-close images

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    Best digiscoping adapters

    There are several ways of attaching your DSLR to a scope. The best option is a telephoto adapter that replaces the eyepiece of the scope. The cheaper option is an adapter that pushes over the eyepiece of the scope. Here are some options.

    Best digiscoping adapters: Nikon


    The FSA-L1 and FSA-L2 adapters both replace the eyepiece on Nikon scopes. The FSA-L1 fits the Nikon Fieldscope models. The FSA-L2 only fits the premium EDG range.

    Adapter prices
    FSA-L1 £330, $530
    FSA-L2 £680, $1200


    Best digiscoping adapters: Opticron


    Opticron’s 40215 Telephotoadapter replaces the eyepiece of the scope, and the firm also produces adapters that fit over the eyepiece. Both types require a T2 mount (£20). Opticron products are not available in the US.

    Adapter prices
    40215 Telephotoadapter £100
    41111 eyepiece adapter £50
    41112 eyepiece adapter £50


    Swarovski produces a telephoto adapter (TLS 800) that replaces the eyepiece, and a two-piece adapter (TLS Apo) that fits over the eyepiece. Both require a T2 mount.

    Adapter prices
    TLS 800 £440, $700
    TLS Apo £370, $490
    Nikon-fit T2 mount £20, $30

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