Best close-up lens: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Best Close-up Lens: 06 Tiffen Close Up Set

    Best Close-up Lens: 06 Tiffen Close Up Set

    Price: £80 (58mm)  Buy it:
    Tiffen’s Close Up Set is available in thread sizes from 37mm to 77mm, and contains three lenses at +1, +2 and +3 dioptres.

    Stacking all three filters therefore gives +6 dioptres of magnification, which is slightly less than the Hama kit, and substantially less than the SRB-Griturn kit.

    Sharpness and contrast are very good, and the build quality is reassuringly high.

    However, there’s nothing to make this kit really stand out from the competition, so it struggles to justify its comparatively high asking price.

    Our verdict

    Pros: Well engineered; delivers very good image quality
    Cons: Much more expensive than competing kits

    Score: 85%

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