Best close-up lens: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Best Close-up Lens: 04 SRB-Griturn Close Up Lens Set

    Best Close-up Lens: 04 SRB-Griturn Close Up Lens Set

    Price: £20  Buy it:
    SRB-Griturn is a British company that specialises in quality filters and adaptors.

    This set contains four lenses at +1, +2, +4 and a mighty +10 dioptres, presented in a soft carrying pouch.

    Fitment sizes range from 52mm to 77mm and, unusually, the highly competitive price stays the same regardless of size.

    Image quality is impressive when using each lens individually, and remains so even when stacking all four lenses, giving a whopping +17 dioptres magnification. An absolute steal at the price.

    Our verdict

    Pros: Impressive quality and great versatility at a bargain price
    Cons: Lens surfaces a little more reflective than some options

    Score: 90%

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