Best close-up lens: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Best Close-up Lens: 03 Hoya Close Up +3

    Best Close-up Lens: 03 Hoya Close Up +3

    Price: £20 (58mm)  Buy it:
    Hoya doesn’t offer a close-up kit, but you can buy +1, +2, +3, and +4 dioptres lenses individually, in a wide range of thread sizes.

    The 58mm lenses cost about £20 for each of these magnifications, and there’s also a ‘Macro Close Up’ lens of +10 dioptres, at a considerably more pricey £60; we tried out the +3 dioptres lens.

    Typical of Hoya, build quality is very good for the price, and image quality is impressive.

    The lenses feature multi-coatings to help reduce reflections and boost light transmission.

    Our verdict

    Pros: Good build and image quality – and at a reasonable price
    Cons: Pricier than some sets if you buy two or more lenses

    Score: 85%

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