11 common lens errors and how you can avoid them

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    Common Lens Error No. 9: Camera unbalanced with telephoto lens

    Shoot sharper sports photography with telephoto lenses

    Long telephoto lenses are usually pretty heavy and if you mount your camera on a tripod you may find yourself fighting to keep things on an even keel as the lens is prone to dipping down.

    The solution is to move the mounting point further forward so that the camera and lens weight is more evenly distributed front to back.

    Many long lenses are supplied with a collar for precisely this purpose, but if yours is missing or wasn’t supplied with one they can be bought separately.

    Another advantage of using a collar is that, provided it isn’t over tightened, it allows you to quickly swivel the camera between landscape and portrait format and back.

    This makes it an especially useful set-up when shooting sport, action or wildlife when you need to respond quickly to changes in the scene.

    Common Lens Error No. 1: Blurred image
    Common Lens Error No. 2: Too much depth of field
    Common Lens Error No. 3: Depth of field too shallow
    Common Lens Error No. 4: Distorted portraits
    Common Lens Error No. 5: Converging verticals
    Common Lens Error No. 6: Can’t focus close enough
    Common Lens Error No. 7: Exposure changes when zooming
    Common Lens Error No. 8: Flare
    Common Lens Error No. 9: Camera unbalanced with telephoto lens
    Common Lens Error No. 10: Vignetting
    Common Lens Error No. 11: Soft images


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