11 common lens errors and how you can avoid them

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    Common Lens Error No. 5: Converging verticals

    Camera tips: how to fix converging verticals in-camera

    Our original image – look at those tilting walls!

    Converging verticals or keystoning are the terms used to describe the effect of perspective that results in the base of a building looking wider than its top.

    This can produce some very dramatic results, especially if you go in close to the building and shoot upwards with a wideangle lens to emphasise the perspective.

    However, when you step back to include more of the surroundings the building may still have converging verticals and it may even look like it’s about to topple over.

    The way to avoid this is to keep the sensor in the camera parallel to the front face of the building as it’s the act of tipping the camera up that introduces the unwanted perspective.

    If you can, stand far back enough to allow you to get the whole of the building in without tipping the camera up at all and fit a longer lens to get the composition you want, or crop the shot post-capture.

    Alternatively, or if there isn’t enough room to move back, many image editing software packages like Adobe Photoshop and Elements have controls that enable you to stretch an image into the correct form.

    The key to success when shooting buildings is to either to use the effect of converging verticals or avoid it completely, slight keystoning looks accidental.

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