11 common lens errors and how you can avoid them

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    Common Lens Error No. 4: Distorted portraits

    Wide angle portraits: how to use your wide-angle lens to caricature your friends

    Wideangle lenses are very useful when you want to capture a sweeping vista or you’re shooting in a cramped interior, but they’re not usually the best choice for portraits.

    The problem is that objects close to the lens tend to look much bigger than those just a little further away and with a portrait this can often result in a huge nose in front of a tiny pair of eyes in a small head. It’s not usually the most flattering look.

    For the best results switch to an effective focal length of around 70-100mm, 85mm lenses are a particular favourite with full-frame portrait photographers.

    Meanwhile photographers with APS-C format cameras will find that the telephoto end of their kit lens, which is typically an 18-55mm zoom works well.

    On a Nikon DSLR the 55mm end is equivalent to around 82.5mm while on a Canon SLR it’s about 88mm.

    A longer lens also allows you to step further away from your subject so they feel less crowded and are likely to relax a little more.

    Common Lens Error No. 1: Blurred image
    Common Lens Error No. 2: Too much depth of field
    Common Lens Error No. 3: Depth of field too shallow
    Common Lens Error No. 4: Distorted portraits
    Common Lens Error No. 5: Converging verticals
    Common Lens Error No. 6: Can’t focus close enough
    Common Lens Error No. 7: Exposure changes when zooming
    Common Lens Error No. 8: Flare
    Common Lens Error No. 9: Camera unbalanced with telephoto lens
    Common Lens Error No. 10: Vignetting
    Common Lens Error No. 11: Soft images


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