11 common lens errors and how you can avoid them

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    Common Lens Error No. 3: Depth of field too shallow

    Common photography questions: why would I want to control depth of field?


    If you need to shoot with the aperture wide open to allow a movement-freezing shutter speed, you may find that there’s very little depth of field, especially if you are using a long focal length lens or your subject is very close.

    While this can be very effective, sometimes you need more of the image to be sharp.

    The first thing to try is increasing the sensitivity setting to allow a smaller aperture to be used at the shutter speed you have selected.

    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: professional wideangle lenses

    However, if you want to keep noise to a minimum you should switch to a shorter focal length lens.

    Short focal length or wideangle optics produce more depth of field than telephoto lenses at the same aperture.

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