11 common lens errors and how you can avoid them

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    Common Lens Error No. 2: Too much depth of field

    Make the most of shallow depth of field

    Some subjects, such as landscapes, often look best when the whole scene is sharp.

    This is achieved by careful focusing and using a small aperture such as f/22 to produce wide depth of field – an extensive sharp zone either side of the point of focus.

    However, sometimes you may want to separate your subject from its surroundings a little by blurring the background and this calls for a wide aperture such as f/5.6 or even f/2.8.

    This is a great way of isolating a portrait subject from a messy background.

    If you find that the background isn’t as soft as you want there are two options, open the aperture up further or switch to a longer focal length lens as depth of field gets narrower as focal length increases.

    Common Lens Error No. 1: Blurred image
    Common Lens Error No. 2: Too much depth of field
    Common Lens Error No. 3: Depth of field too shallow
    Common Lens Error No. 4: Distorted portraits
    Common Lens Error No. 5: Converging verticals
    Common Lens Error No. 6: Can’t focus close enough
    Common Lens Error No. 7: Exposure changes when zooming
    Common Lens Error No. 8: Flare
    Common Lens Error No. 9: Camera unbalanced with telephoto lens
    Common Lens Error No. 10: Vignetting
    Common Lens Error No. 11: Soft images


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