9 creative photo ideas to try in June 2013

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    09 Shoot creative wide-angle views

    09 Shoot creative wide-angle views

    We want to see how creatively you can be when it comes to squeezing more of the world into a picture. The wider the lens, the more you can capture in a single frame, but don’t feel you need an ultra-wide optic.

    Why not combine several individual shots in a panorama or ‘vertorama’, as photographer Roland Shainidze has done for this interior shot? You don’t even need a wide-angle lens to do this, as a standard zoom works perfectly with this technique.

    Shooting wider views doesn’t mean simply tracking a zoom to its widest setting and capturing the full expanse of a scene; the focal point can become increasingly small in the frame and you might leave too much ‘dead’ space in the foreground.

    Obviously this might be your intention, but wide-angle lenses give very effective results when used up close, exaggerating the size of foreground objects in relation to the background.

    Get started today…
    * Use leading lines to take the viewer from 
the foreground to the focal point.
    * Get creative with the distortion caused by holding a wide lens close to a subject.
    * Avoid using more than one filter with ultra-wide lenses as these can cause darkening at the corners of the frame.

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