9 creative photo ideas to try in June 2013

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    08 Shoot a muted colour palette

    08 Shoot a muted colour palette

    You don’t have to travel to Patagonia to create pictures that look as stylish as this. By reducing the colour saturation and toying with contrast, as Alexandre Deschaumes has done here, you can give a very different tone to your scenics.

    “I used filters and adjusted the image settings directly on the camera in order to capture the visual impact and emotional feeling that I wanted for this image,” Alexandre tells us.

    “I used neutral density graduated and polariser filters, selected a very cold manual white balance, along with high contrast image settings and very low colour saturation.

    When the image was processed, I reduced saturation further, increased contrast in some parts of the image, and tried slightly different blue tones.

    “I created a black and white version too. Black and white has a something simple that 
I like. The colour version, with its cold white balance with blue tones, was maybe less dramatic, but softer and more ethereal.”

    Get started today…
    * Shoot in raw+JPEG mode, and alter the camera settings. You’ll have one version as recorded  with the settings at the time (JPEG) and another on which you can increase or tone down the effect later (raw).
    * Use your camera’s Picture Styles to alter the colour and contrast balance.
    * Check the histogram after a test shot, to ensure you haven’t blown the highlights. Reduce the exposure and take another shot.

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