9 creative photo ideas to try in June 2013

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    07 Shoot sparkling dew

    07 Shoot sparkling dew

    By placing a long lens close to the soil and selecting a wide aperture, you can create a narrow band of sharp blades sandwiched between a soft, green foreground and background.

    Warm days followed by cool, clear nights and calm winds bring the chance of a sheet of dew forming on the grass, and this can elevate a photo.

    Wear waterproof trousers, then use a beanbag to rest your lens on and get that all-important low angle. If you find too much of the background is appearing in the shot, use a tripod raised slightly off the ground and angle the lens down slightly.

    Get started today…
    * Shoot into the sun to make the blades of grass and dew glow, but use a lens hood to shield the front element.
    * Experiment with different aperture settings and points of focus.
    * The closer grass is to the front of 
the lens, the more diffused the foreground will be.

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