9 creative photo ideas to try in June 2013

9 creative photo ideas to try in June 2013

06 Shoot ‘uninspiring’ subjects

06 Shoot 'uninspiring' subjects

A versatile photographer should be able to find picture-taking opportunities anywhere. Why not challenge yourself to make images in new photo locations where you might initially struggle to see potential?

“It’s important to view your environment without preconceptions and trust your instincts about what’s interesting,” reveals landscape photographer Simon Butterworth. “When something grabs your attention – even fleetingly – it’s worthy of further investigation.”

Simon spent two weeks on an isolated croft on Hoy in the Orkneys. It would have been easy to shoot stunning coastal scenes, but he went with the intention of depicting the harsh realities of life on a remote Scottish island.

“If a photograph isn’t immediately obvious then you need to ‘chill out’ and let your mind wander. It’s vital to give yourself time for this process to work.

“As photographers we look for neat arrangements of elements that fit preconceived ideas of what a photograph should be… but in the process we may be ignoring many original and insightful images.”

Get started today…
* Explore the little photographed areas of local towns and cities.
* Use a prime lens so that you’re forced to use your feet to find a different composition, rather than simply twisting a zoom ring.
* Leave the tripod at home so that you’re free to move easily and react quickly.

PAGE 1: Shoot a multiple exposure portrait
PAGE 2: Shoot a county show
PAGE 3: Shoot a wider street view
PAGE 4: Shoot creative flower portraits
PAGE 5: Shoot a forced perspective effect
PAGE 6: Shoot ‘uninspiring’ subjects
PAGE 7: Shoot sparkling dew
PAGE 8: Shoot a muted colour palette
PAGE 9: Shoot creative wide-angle views


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